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Anthony Hilton: It’s still early days — but crowdfunding is looking like a real success story

Originally Published in the Evening Standard, 21 September 2016 A few years ago, when internet platforms first began to be used to raise capital for companies, there was much hand-wringing. The platforms did not have the resources of an investment bank or sophisticated financial institution so it was assumed they would be less able to […]

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5 Biggest Equity Crowdfunding Mistakes

The story is familiar, but that doesn’t make it any less sad. It’s the story of the failed offer. Founders pour money down the drain through video, public relations, legal and advisory fees. They waste countless hours of preparation time over many weeks and months. The offer that they had such high hopes for doesn’t […]

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Changing The Culture Of Investing

It may not be apparent to those on main street, but the world of finance is undergoing a seismic shift, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the advent of banking itself. We’re still in the early days, but the trend is unmistakable; through new technology coupled with changes in regulation, we’re making the […]

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SPONSOR/ EXHIBIT Crowdfest provides the perfect platform to reach and influence a large audience of investors, SMEs, finance professionals, marketers, entrepreneurs and opinion-formers, all receptive to new concepts and ideas. To find out more about the wide-range of opportunities available, please contact Richard ( or call 07884 431 050 MEET THE INVESTOR As well as […]

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Cross-Border Crowdfunding

Investors already have exposure to foreign listed stocks and bonds through the public markets – in fact, practically every diversified managed portfolio, including superannuation savings accounts, engage in cross-border investment. However, other asset classes have been stifled by well-intentioned, but unhelpful regulation. This is particularly true of direct ownership of real-estate and private companies. When […]

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